The weather & I ☔️

I absolutely despise the hot weather & the heat. I’ve been like this all my life.

I was born in England which was the perfect climate for me. I loved the weather but not the country!

I moved to Australia when I was young & it was hot & humid there. I couldn’t stand it at all! I would sweat profoundly which made me feel like a dirty pig!

When I was 11 I moved to South Africa. Which is even more humid & has higher temperatures than Australia.

People say you acclimatize but I never have. When it rains I wear summer clothes, I love it. I embrace the cold weather cause it’s like a bloody treat in this country.

Let me put it this way. I’d rather be cold & be able to cover up with blankies & warm clothes than to be boiling hot & can’t get enough clothes off. 

What do you prefer? Hot or cold weather? 

People don’t talk about weather a lot do they 😶 wonder why!?

9 thoughts on “The weather & I ☔️

  1. Love the pic.

    I have been thinking of going to FL to live but I guess I like the changes in seasons here (Maine) – I dunno. When it’s hot I want it cold and vice versa lol


  2. It’s so cold where I am that my car battery froze. Literally froze. We tried jumping the car for an hour and a half and the car will not start haha. I think we had a windchill of around -40 something degrees Fahrenheit last night.

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