HELP?! Why me? 😭

So the guests have arrived and everything was going fine.

Until it all hit me; the nausea, feeling faint, body aches, a killer migrane and the feeling of throwing up.

I just simply said “I’m not feeling well, I’m going to lie down for a little while.”

But the question is “WHY?”

  • Why me?
  • Why my life?
  • Why does it affect the people around me?
  • Why the depression, OCD, social anxiety disorder, bipolar & all the other shit that comes with it?
  • Why oh effing why?

I know I put a quote on the other day that says “you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.”

But, right now I don’t feel I am. I’m so angry at myself for failing to do the simplest thing, spending time with guests 😞

I can’t effing take it. Why’s it so hard? Does this really have to be the life of a 17 year old girl?

Advice? Someone please!

20 thoughts on “HELP?! Why me? 😭

  1. I don’t think there’s a good answer for us. But I remember reading something that went along the lines of this:

    “Whenever people say ‘life sucks’, I ask them ‘compared to what?'”

    It might not ever get easy, but when it gets hard we always have the chance to take a breath, rest, and try again.


      1. The simple fact that you exist is the reason why you’re here. Of all the things that could have gone wrong, of all the ‘what ifs’ that could have occurred instead of you being here today, you made it through, and you’ve kicked ass for 17 years now. Keep fighting to understand your feelings and what troubles you, and you can make it.


  2. You took the step to go thru with the gathering, you took care of yourself when you got overwhelmed, the sky did not fall! You were successful! I know not in the way you wanted to be but I am really impressed. I think that as soon as you can you should repeat the experiment (before you chicken out) – maybe invite fewer people? Whatever might make it manageable for you.

    I really do think you did good!! I’ve been there, and I’ve avoided situations, and really I think follow through (like you did) is one thing that makes us strong.

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  3. Stay Strong! I don’t know what advice to give you. But it is okay not to be okay. It is okay not to think positive all the fuggin time. It is okay to just let what happens happen.


  4. Deep breaths, you are the important thing here. One step at a time and don’t beat yourself up. Take a positive from this, sounds like you handled it great pubicly and your guests won’t know anything apart from what you told them.


  5. The best thing to do is take it step by step. Your handling things the best way you can even though it may feel like you’re not handling them and things aren’t going so well. The best thing to do first is going to be to get some rest and recover from your migraine. Anxiety attacks do not help migraines at all and as long as you’re suffering from the attack the stress on your body will increase and cause your migraine to increase. By getting some rest it will allow you to separate yourself from a few of your anxiety triggers and allow your kind to rest. That will allow your body to destress and everything.


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