I need sleep

I’m supposed to be at work in 2 hours, but that’s the same amount of time I’ve spent sleeping, two effing hours. Grr! 😭

I’m taking all my medication, including sleeping pills. But, the “sleep” part of the effing tablet obviously isn’t working!

Once I wake up, I can’t go back to sleep. So, cheers to me falling asleep at the desk! 😞

Still going to try my hardest though & get my work done as efficiently & as fast as I can! 

Last night I even went to the trouble of painting my nails the matching colour clothes I’m even going to wear.

Here’s 2 quotes:

“Never regret any thing that has happened in your life, it cannot be changed, undone or forgotten. So take it as a lesson learned & move on.”

“Be with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.”

Have a lovely day!


5 thoughts on “I need sleep

  1. Hi there 🙂

    I know this may sound a little silly, but have you ever tried hypnosis just to give your mind a little push to nod off? Insomnia was a really bad one for me before I got put on seroquel, but I found this guy called Joseph Clough and he actually saw me through to switch me off at night!

    He’s a life coach and hypno guy and I found some of his podcasts for free online. I actually still use a few of his hypnosos tracks to get me to sleep now even whilst on the medication, as I think my mind has gotten used to going under when he starts speaking now lol. My ‘wholeness hypnosis session’ is my fave to switch me off. Ill post the link if you want to give it a go I was really skeptical about it at first but it really has helped me.


    M x

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