So I decided to open up to one of my colleagues about my bipolar. She obviously knew that I have bipolar. But she was asking questions.

Questions that I would never normally answer to people that aren’t in my little personal bubble! 

I answer all her questions, and I felt exceptionally good & relieved. Quite proud to be honest.

But then she said “I don’t know how anyone can live with a bipolar, too much work” 

I was so angry, I left the office before I punched her in the face. 

I lashed her over whatsapp & she started saying loads of apologetic shit. Which I couldn’t give a damn about.

I work for my mother-in-law and her and my mum are like my best friends. So you can imagine how angry they were. 

My father-in-law tongue lashed her earlier in the day for being bitchy and telling them what to do. She’s not the owner my parents are. The fucking idiot.

So yeah, I went into work today with a big head on cause she’d been put in her place. 

But she’s a fucking bitch!

Sorry just needed to vent!

13 thoughts on “Bitch!

  1. Sorry to hear this Ash – this is why I woulf rather ‘suffer in silence’ if peope don’t run scared then they say ridiculous shit like this.
    She clearly isn’t worth worrying about, don’t let her drag you down


  2. I’m sorry her words upset you. That is a very common thing for people to feel about us. I can’t say they are entirely wrong because the people in my life struggle and work hard to be around me. But I also believe they struggle as much as I struggle for them.

    I know who my real friends are because they are able to work hard enough to make me feel loved. And in return, I work to the ends of the Earth to love them.

    Relationships are give and take. Some people are not used to the concept of giving love according to another person’s specific needs and Bipolars need certain things, most of which society no longer teaches or accepts.

    Try to turn you hurt and anger to understanding. She said what she said out of ignorance. Ignorance of the meaning behind her words. Ignorance f how her words would affect you. Ignorance pf the gravity of the conversation you shared. Ignorance is hard to deal with but if she’s willing to ask questions, she is hopefully willing to learn.


      1. I disagree, talking to someone about who you are is never ten steps back. You were honest about who you are and the struggles you face. That is a quality not often shown in this cold world. Being so open about our vulnerable selves, leaves us extra sensitive to criticism.

        I could understand how her words would throw your bipolar manifestations (however being bipolar affects you) into overdrive. If someone told me that, I would need time to work through it. So take your time to heal that wound. She hurt you whether she meant to or not. Make yourself feel better first.

        And then educate her on why it hurt you? Try to make her understand the spiral effect her words have on you. I bet if she knew the extent of the effect a simple sentence can have on a bipolar person, would cause her to consider her words more deeply.

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  3. People tend to be assholes, especially after you tell them the dreaded bipolar news. They look at you like you have 3 heads or something. I’ve lost so many people because they don’t understand, and don’t even try to understand me. I don’t know if they are scared, or just giving up on me. I say fuck em. If they can’t love you for you, then they aren’t worth your time at all. Good luck hun. Love your posts. đź‘Ť

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  4. Can’t be as bad as one of my colleagues. When I was diagnosed last year she said ‘im really sad as its going to stop you being you, and I love you now’

    Bless she didn’t mean it the way it came out


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