Weed 🍁

Let me just say that I’ve always made friends with all the wrong types of people. All the low people that believe they are the little rebels & are so “cool.”

When I was 13 I was going out to clubs and getting absolutely hammered and mortal, (every weekend).

When I was about 14 I turned to weed & cigarettes. I was smoking both a helluva lot every day.

I met my boyfriend 5 days after I turned 15, that’s when I stopped smoking the weed.

A year passed and all my episodes stayed. I was put into hospital, (the bloody metal ward). There I met a girl who was messed up. She wasn’t bipolar but abused herself.

When we got out of hospital we bought weed and were smoking it on a daily basis. After a few months I couldn’t be friends with her anymore. The weed was effing me up!

This is what would happen:

  • I’d smoke & when it wore off id drop into a deep depressive state. This made me smoke more.
  • I stopped taking my tablets because I thought the weed was helping me.
  • I started cutting & I believed it was ‘fun’ at the time. (I have scars.)
  • I would spend all my money on weed & alcohol.
  • I sniffed my tablets, because I thought they would give me a rush. All they did was burn my nose!
  • It made me suicidal

I was stupid & immature.

I don’t smoke anything but cigarettes anymore. I hope no one does what I did because it put my treatment back about 6 months. When I stopped completely I was depressed to the point where I wouldn’t leave the house & just lie in bed all day & comfort eat. 

Quick quote:

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor!” 🌊

Anyway, that’s all folks. Just felt like opening up!

1 thought on “Weed 🍁

  1. Weed is like any other medicine. It works for some people. It helps with anxiety and agitation for some. For others it exacerbates those symptoms. Just like all those other psychiatric medicines. It’s not a substitute for your meds. If it works, it works in conjunction with your meds. I use it sparingly and found it to be highly effective when extremely agitated and stressed. Within minutes. No other med has ever helped me as quickly or as effectively as weed. However, you do need to limit the frequency (I do, at least) because it’s easy for me to simply dwell in that Netherland where ALL you do is chill:-)

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