So I went to see my phycologist today & for once it was actually a great session. I didn’t get upset or feel like crap.

I’m really depressed at the moment but I felt happy to see her because I got her some Christmas prezzies – she liked them.

I’ve just taken my night time pills & I’m feeling really woozy! Think it’s time for bed soon! 

Quick quote:

“Never quit, if you stumble get back up. What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today is another day so get back on track & move closer to your dreams & goals. You CAN do it!”

5 thoughts on “Phycologist

  1. Hi ashkaay, you must be woozy – check out how you spelled psychologist he he. Sorry about the depression but I’m glad that doing something positive made you feel ok for a while. Apply your quote to your own life because bipolar is hard but if we don’t keep getting back up our lives will just be that more miserable.


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