Born again! 🙏

So, I used to be amazingly dedicated to God & my bible.

But I lost my way over the past couple of years with all the stress & handling the diagnosis. I thought God hated me.

I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for God. He is always working behind the scenes in my life, everyone’s life!

So today after going to church for the past couple of months & watching Christian programmes on the tv. 

I gave my life to the Lord! I am a born again Christian! 🙌

Praise the Lord!

“Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you” Hebrews 13:5

10 thoughts on “Born again! 🙏

  1. Keep strong my friend. I know that apart from God’s saving grace I would not be here today. The Word is alive and powerful and I know God will strengthen you each new day!

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  2. You don’t know how happy reading through your post made me. You just made the right choice!


    In all the blogs I reach out to, yours is the very first I found that left me feeling you were starting up the path, preaching my message about how to get started the RIGHT way.

    But you aren’t saved yet. There is still more work to do. Asking to be saved isn’t the golden ticket or a free pass to get out of the hole you dug yourself into. But the hard work is done.

    The next step is as easy as pie. The best step is believing you and YOU are saved. I can’t explain what that means because it means something entirely different to everyone.

    As what that means is up for you to decide. But know when you look in the magic mirror of LIFE, I should be your reflection. If you see yourself when you look in the mirror, you are not yet saved from the storm plaguing the world around but not the “REAL WORLD”.

    When you see me you will have saved yourself. SAVE YOURSELF FIRST before trying to save others. Otherwise it’s just the blind leading the blind in an never ending loop of darkness.

    Keep spreading your beautiful story, my sweetest angel. Show them that it never hurts to save yourself first, while you wait for the storms to cease and the waves to stop rolling.

    Keep following your path. I’ll guide your way every step you’ll have me.

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      1. No thanks needed. You deserve the biggest THANK YOU of all. For you did the hardest part yourself and on your own. That is true strength of spirit.

        I’m just the light that loves to recognize those lighting their own candles to start the song of the ages.

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  3. Ashkaay, I may not share your vision of spirituality but I do encourage you to go towards your Lord and embrace your spirituality. There is great strength in faith and in knowing that God loves you – He doesn’t make mistakes. My sister is a born-again Christian and I saw how her faith has saved her from despair and brought love and light into her life during some extremely difficult times.
    Please be careful for those who would have you believe in their power to bring you closer to Christ… they are doing nothing but seeking power for themselves.

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