“A daddy isn’t defined as the man who makes the child, but rather a man who extends his hands and time to help raise the child and gives his heart and love to the child. BLOOD doesn’t always make you a DADDY. Being a daddy comes from the heart. Any fool can make a baby, it takes a man to raise a child”

My dad is amazing, he is always there for me. He is my dad, not my biological father but my dad!

He means more to me than the asshole, who was involved in bringing me into the world, ever will.

No matter what the circumstance he is there whenever I need him. My mum & I both have bipolar & I know it takes its tole on him but, he has always stuck by both of us & I know he always will.

My mum & dad are the only two people in my family who haven’t let me down & I love them more each & everyday for it.

My dad may not be my biological father but he is my DAD & always will be. 


14 thoughts on “Dad

  1. My biological (and only) Dad was always criticizing me and pointing out the negatives. He and my Mom were embarrassed by my bipolar even though both suffered from depression. I am so glad you have someone who is there for you and lifts you up. Thanks so much for sharing this.

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  2. I applaud any parent that can make the leap to love a child not of their own “creating” but rather focus on shaping a child with their love and attention, making a world of difference to a broken child. Because when a child doesn’t have both parental roles filled, they are broken. Whether we choose to accept that truth or not.

    I’m so happy you had such a positive father figure in your life. Try not to hate on your biological father too much, he is still half of what brought you into existence, and this half of what makes you “you”. Without him and all of his “terribleness” you would never have been born. To that I suggest offering understanding that the man who created you could not fill the role of the man who would raise you. So he wasn’t given the chance. Hating him for not doing something God actively saved you from feels unfair to him. I’m sure he suffers on a subconscious level knowing what he missed out on.

    Instead your Father in Heaven provided a loving man who could withstand the bipolar episodes and be there in a meaningful and supportive fashion. You may have been birthed from humble beginnings but you are destined to be whole again. You’re an angel born into suffering but saved by the grace of love. By the grace of a man who knew what it would take to raise you right and signed up for it without ever thinking twice. Your dad is your biological father whether he provided the sperm or not. Without him guiding you, supporting you, loving you in a fatherly nonsexual relationship every girl needs, you wouldn’t be the person you are today. Standing up against your darkness, shining light for other troubled souls, and encouraging them all the same.

    You are the woman you are today because one man loved your mom against all the darkness he carried inside of him, against all the odds of “angels” loving “demons”. He loved your mom and gave the spark of life needed to create you. Dark though he may be, love still surrounded your creation.

    But his darkness was too much, and so your real father stepped into your life to let you find the light you were always meant to bask in. He stepped in to quell that half of you that your sperm father wasn’t strong enough to embrace and overcome. He filled the void you would have been lost in.

    You are a very lucky lady. Three different fathers, all giving their very best to making one amazing little angel on earth. I want to hug you for how rich your life must feel. I truly hope you are able to tap into the lightness of your blessed life. You are so deserving.


    1. Please don’t tell me to not hate on my biological father. He raped me, abused me, physically, verbally. This forum is for people to express their feelings and emotions and other things. Yes it’s nice to see people comment and give their say. To me it’s wrong for you to tell me what I must do.

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      1. Oh I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for my statement not to hate him to come out like a command. Not at all. I don’t know your story in the slightest, nor do I seek to say that I understand where you are coming from in any way shape or form. Nor that I condone what has happened in your past.

        All I was trying to express what that regardless of what happened, you are still a wonderful person who survived that disgusting darkness that is beyond my ability to comprehend or comment on. My comment was meant to suggest letting go of the darkness that surrounds that “hate and contempt” you carry for that man.

        I don’t mean don’t hate what he did to you. I certainly don’t mean forget or forgive those atrocities that were committed against your innocence. Not in any way shape or form.

        Only try not to let his darkness and depravity darken your light with continued hatred that you actively carry with you. I’m truly sorry if I upset you. That was my intention at all. 😢


      2. I have just come to terms with being relieved my father is not in my life anymore and I can be me instead of some the “perfect child” he expected. I am not sure if I hate him, and I know for many years I loved him and tried desperately to win his acceptance. What I do know is I do not miss either of my parents and no longer feel guilty about it. You are entitled to any feelings that you have and don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.

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  3. More than anything, please know I was trying to say I support you. Please delete everything I wrote, forget anything I said, and know I won’t ever comment on your blog again with the understanding I offended you, which is the absolute last thing I ever want to do. To anyone. I am very sorry.


  4. Please delete all comments I have made on this post and any others I have left for your blog at your earliest convenience. I do not want my kind words and attempts at positive healing and reflective guidance being so negatively represented on your blog. I do not associate myself with this type of interaction and would prefer to have all of my work removed from your site.


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