Deleting this blog

so I’m thinking about deleting this blog, all I do is vent to myself. It sounds stupid when I say it outloud.

It’s not doing any good or bad so what’s the point? 


29 thoughts on “Deleting this blog

  1. Do you have any desire for the blog to change into something other than venting? I’ve seen mental health bloggers give themselves writing prompts. So you would start off the blog with a question and then answer it so you keep focused on the question at hand? Food for thought?

    I know you could change the direction any time you wanted. You just have to have the desire to do so. I’d hate to see you go 😦


      1. What if you look back to the beginning posts? Do you notice a pattern? If you can notice a pattern in “what” you write about then you’ll have a clue as to what needs to change. Change is so damn hard.
        Why did you start blogging?


      1. I hear you. I was just telling someone; I had “I want to die” running through my head all week last week. A little uptick in my meds and I am better this week. I don’t think the meds have had time to kick in yet so maybe it is just that little choice toward life that has helped. Hope for you that next week is better. Writing does help and also getting feedback. So write when you can. xo

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  2. I used to think that the writing was not doing me any good. I have written since 1987 and it has been a way to get things in black and white. I have kept my writings through the years and I have been able to see the progress and the changes in my attitude. I have bipolar 1 with psych features I am getting off of my meds a little at a time with my doctors approval. I have had my diagnosis since 1988 so it has been a very long journey for me. Even if you don’t keep the blog write things down; feelings, events, attitudes and whatever other styles of writing you do. It can be worth it; it does take time though. In time it will allow you to see the changes.

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  3. I don’t think you should delete the blog…
    I think you should take a break from it…
    There are plenty others reading your blog
    that will benefit from what you share 🙂
    I love your blog… Try not to re-read what you write
    Sometimes I find it hard re-read my post it makes me very uncomfortable
    Especially if it is something very personal and painful.


  4. Although you think you are just venting to yourself people do read your posts and can relate to what you write so it’s not just a pointless exercise.
    I wouldn’t delete it after all the time and effort you have put in to creating your blog maybe just take a break from writing until you start feeling it again if the time comes that you do.

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  5. You are one of my favourite bloggers! I love the raw honesty by which you write, even if you think it is just venting! To see you go would be such a shame. I haven’t blogged myself much lately because of health and stress. I have been reading other’s blogs (including yours) and getting inspiration. Maybe rather that giving it up altogether, take a break. Read other people’s blogs, take some time for you and then when something comes up you want to share (positive or venting, doesn’t matter), your audience is here for you.

    I am sending you big hugs and prayers. If you want to talk, contact me on my blog. I would love to stay in touch no matter what your decision is.

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  6. If you’re stopping because it’s not doing anything for you I think we all understand that. If you’re stopping because you think it’s dumb or a waste of time; well I’m sure a lot of readers would argue against that. If you want the blog to grow into something else that’s all up to you but no one is going to tell you to make it into something else. There’s a reason why you have gotten the followers you have and if you need to take time away from the blog do that before you decide on an impulse to delete it.

    Whatever choice you make I hope you all the best.


  7. Dear AshKaay – I hope everyone has thought this at some point (or that makes just two of us!). So why have I not deleted mine?

    Because when I look back, I have no idea what others take from it – I only know how much I have changed from writing it. Whether or not I delete my blog – that will always be true. And in the hope that it remains true – I have resisted “being done with it” because I hope it will continue to be true.

    I do not think I write wisdom, I think I write “me”. And for some reason I cannot explain – that seems to change me (so far it seems to be for the better). I want that to continue. So I keep my blog. Sometimes writing. Sometime not.



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  8. All my blog consists of is venting to myself, getting out all of those things that would consume me otherwise.
    At first I didn’t care if nobody read it because that was never the point; it was the freedom and the anonymity of being able to share everything and anything without fear.
    As it turns out a few people do read and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little pleased about that. I find some comfort in knowing my thoughts and feelings are valid, that there are people out there just like me.
    That being said the primary reason for writing it hasn’t changed for me and it helps me to let off steam; a problem shared is a problem halved.
    I’ll be sad to see your blog go if you delete it, Ash, but you have to make the choice that works for you xx

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  9. Taking a break can be great thing, whether it’s a few days, a few weeks or longer. In the meantime, rather than delete the blog maybe you can leave it up for awhile (it certainly appears that it means a lot to many readers, myself included).

    I’ve found that in the past few months my own writing has changed from updates on my condition to some more general posts on things like religion, politics, etc. Sometimes it’s rants, sometimes it’s a well-thought out argument on a position and sometimes it’s still just an update on my condition. The blog is whatever I need it to be at the moment. I hope that you can take some time to reflect and come to a similar conclusion.

    In the meantime you may find this post interesting, it’s from Andrew Sullivan’s Dish blog, and deals with his decision to step back after 15 years:

    Best of luck to you!

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  10. Hey, thanks for checking out my blog. I say don’t delete it. It’s a great way to VENT. Why not do that? You can also develop your blogging skills as you go. =) Don’t let the depression and anxiety stress you or dictate what you do with your life. Continue writing if it’s brought you any type of comfort or happiness.

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  11. Hey, so, I have two things. THIS IS YOUR BLOG! Who the heck says you cannot vent! And, In our times of “venting” we find the most beautiful artifact, that exquisite piece of ourselves that is raw, and undefined, made to burn and to consume us, and yet to help us flourish. Nourish your heart. Break if you must, I did. But Continue.


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