so I haven’t been doing any exercise lately & I have put on quite a bit of weight from not doing so & because of my tabs.

I’d just like to know what exercise other bipolar people do, that’s easy & not so time consuming! 

I know that I am lethargic & have literally no energy, unless I live on energy drinks 🙈, so I don’t think I could manage with heavy exercise at the moment. 

I mostly want to lose weight on my tummy & thighs. Anyone have any ideas? 


14 thoughts on “Exercise?

  1. I feel the same way. It doesn’t help that they increased my medication. I know exercise is supposed to help, but how to get started…

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      1. It’s not easy. I walk my dog, that’s about it. The Lamictal I take makes me ravenous. The Lyrica I take for chronic pain, also…it’s like I’m high and I have the munchies.

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  2. I keep my weight/body fat to max and walk everywhere. When I was younger I was a runner/racer so seeing me now is strange. I eat way too much but I like it. I had a delicious ice cream with saskatoon berry pie. Glutton but yummy food. Walking is good even it is -45C.

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  3. Hi, I can identify with you. These last few weeks I have aimed for 20mins on the bike in the gym. Now 3 weeks in and I am feeling a big difference. Another tool I have started using is visualising my tummy as flat and toned. This works well if you combine it with mediation. Hope this is of help. Take Care and remember you are not on your own.

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  4. Walking can seem so boring sometimes, but it’s an awesome low impact exercise. As is swimming..or aquafit. Walking up and down stairs? Dancing? Twerking! Lol un abrazo 🙂

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  5. When I can, I go to the pool and walk in the water – with my chronic pain I can’t swim so I just walk in water that is not too deep or shallow. I find it is also good for my over all fitness, weight and my moods. When I am able to do it two to three times a week I just generally am better for it.

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  6. I’ve always noticed that the calories just don’t fucking burn when I’m depressed. I keep looking on the internet, but I can’t find an answer right now! Sometimes I feel like I literally am the only one saying this out loud. How’s that for mentally challenged? Haha.

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  7. I would always take bike rides. Notice how I said “would”? Since having to get rid of my bike the only thing that I do now is walk but the bike rides were nice. Sure you can hit up the gym and do it but it was better to actually ride somewhere. I would lose myself with my music and ride around town with no real direction.

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  8. I just about doubled my weight on meds, and could hardly do anything. I have lost about half of it just by eating protein with every meal. I don’t seem to snack as much. I am now losing more as i can now move about better, even am fixing my bike to ride. Walking is great, but being a single dad to a young child, I can’t walk at the pace I need to to make a difference when I go out to walk. I have a tow along thing for my son to ride in for the bike.

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  9. I don’t have bipolar but I have other mental health problems. I’ve started doing pilates and have found it really helps. And your tummy muscles actually hurt days afterwards as well! It’s a slow way of getting back into exercise 🙂

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  10. I was in the same boat 2 years ago when I was first diagnosed. It felt darn near impossible to start doing something, so I started with what I ate and started walking. SO much of what we eat affects our mood and it makes sense if you think about it. If the meds can impact our brain, why wouldn’t the food we choose do the same. Message me if you would like some guidance. I blog about the road back to health and wellness now. God Bless!

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