Do you want to be bipolar?

Do you want to be bipolar?

Because I’ll happily swap.

You go around saying you are,

With no proof,

None at all.

Pretending to be bipolar isn’t fair,

It just proves that you don’t care.

To be bipolar is quite shit,

So don’t be all pathetic and have no whit.

I can’t believe that you would be so sly,

When there’s bipolar people out there wanting to die. 

This is from me, AshKaay,

So have your own life and go your own way.

…goodnight REAL fellow bipolar sufferers 💕

17 thoughts on “Do you want to be bipolar?

  1. Wow…I’m not even sure how you pretend to be Bipolar…the need to fake a mental illness sounds like its own form of mental illness…that being said from one REAL bipolar to another take care 🙂

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  2. I have had people say to me “it must be so awesome to be on a manic high – you can go hours without sleep and feel really good about everything”. I love your poem Ashkaay, because I have actually said “you want it, it’s yours!” I wonder if they realize just how much we wish we could have “dull” lives like them!

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  3. Love this poem! But why would anyone want to be Bipolar, it’s horrible! I’m Bipolar II and would gladly give it away, plus I’m a rapid cycler. I never know how I’ll feel from week to week, it’s horrible, especially the depression and terrible thoughts. If anyone wants my bipolar it’s yours for free. 😛

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  4. Yeah I just have to jump in and say if anyone wants mine they can have it for free too, I’ll even deliver it. I’m about done with mine haha.

    Great poem. And you’re right, it really is quite shit.

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  5. I don’t want to be bipolar, but I’m ok with being bipolar. Living with such intensity can be a gift, although I get that it’s a curse too. Without bipolar, I doubt I could feel such elation to carry me through my real circumstances (see widowed blog).

    Great poem.


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