To me claustrophobia is more than being trapped in small spaces.  I’m scared of being trapped in relationships. I’m scared of being limited to one thing.  I’m scared of people thinking they’re protecting me when really they’re smothering me.  I’m scared of being in a position where I’m completely dependent on someone else & myself completely helpless. 

Being smothered by people is the worst. It scares the living shit out of me. For example today, we were at the mall looking for shoes for a wedding that I am going to & the people that I was with were smothering me, “What about these.” “Or these, they’re really nice.” & so on & so forth. It’s not that I don’t appreciate it, it’s the fact that they get all up in my face & carry on asking me if I’m okay. I suffer from panic attacks & obviously you have to go into a mall to shoe shop. If I wasn’t okay then I would ask to leave. But I was fine until they started telling me to be this & that. 

I eventually got so panicked I went outside to have a smoke by the car & ended up having a panic attack & feeling so claustrophobic even though I was out in the parking lot! 

I absolutely hate it. I wouldn’t wish claustrophobia on my worst enemy! 

Just venting! 


5 thoughts on “Claustrophobia 

  1. I know that feeling all too well (((hugs))) It makes things so much worse when people keep asking you questions. Before medication, I used to have to leave the grocery store usually within 10 mins of going in. The crowds would be too much and then my fiance would be like “Are you OK? Something doesn’t seem right with you.” and at that point it’s hard to just answer because you’re so hell bent on getting out of there….OK now I’m venting lol I feel for you!

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  2. it’s a funny thing, i suffer from agoraphobia, but it’s not that i’m scared of huge open spaces, it’s that i can’t stand being around people in public. i get scared about leaving the house and having to deal with people at all. i rarely leave.

    i could never go into a mall, so good for you for even being able to do that. well meaning people can be the worst. i know what you me about them making you feel crushed by people in your personal space (mental and physical).

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  3. I so dislike when I’m with someone while I’m shopping for an item. I love the fact that there are people out there that care and want to help but having someone sit there and offer one thing after another isn’t helping at all. I would hope that people would understand that sometimes, while we suffer from panic attacks or other situations, we can carry on like anyone else. It’s when people start to help trigger those reactions that I refuse to go anywhere with anyone for fear that they’ll be more of a hindrance than help.

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