So, I had blood tests done over a month ago, to test whether my thyroid was working properly. I only got the results now. I have an under active thyroid. What great effing news 😡.

So now I’m going to have to go on more tables.. Awesome 😓

When I was diagnosed with bipolar, I was a size 4 to 6, two years on these tablets and I’m now a size 16! 

I know it’s the tablets making me gain weight because my routine has not changed at all. 

I just hope these bloody thyroid tablets work and help me lose weight, otherwise I’m going to demand the weight loss pill in June when I see this new silly psychiatrist. 

Vent, vent & vent. 

Quick quote:

“Life is too ironic to fully understand. It takes sadness to know what happiness is. Noise to appreciate silence & absence to value presence.”


15 thoughts on “Thyroid 

  1. Well, I know that an over or under active thyroid can cause problems. I am wondering if you should go to an endocrinologist. They deal with this type of stuff. At the same time, check in with a wellness doctor. So many of these psychiatric medications have side effects. I know I used Paxel and I gained a lot of weight.

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  2. I am not surprised. I am more surprised that a medical doctor noticed the problem. Medical doctors where I live only test the inactive T4 and TSH because it it too expensive to test active T3, and I think I heard there is even a T2. Our Naturopath (who was a Medical Doctor but didn’t like that they weren’t treating the problems) gave us herbal supplements that fix the problems (not just treat the symptoms), and they have much fewer side effects! 🙂
    Did they check your Iodine & B12 levels? If they give you Synthroid (inactive thyroid) but you don’t have the rest of the nutrients to activate it, it is like trying to paint a wall, but you have no paint brush, and you keep buying paint cans. It doesn’t help you put the paint on the walls. 😉

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  3. Hey, is it something you’re taking causing your thyroid to mess up? I’ve recently opted for lithium to combat weight gain issues I have with other meds, but then there’s the risk of thyroid problems with that. Catch 22.


  4. Thyroid problems are the pits. I was practically unable to move until regular lithium tests picked up my underactive thyroid and my psychiatrist told me to get to my doctor asap (here you have to go to your GP). They thought it was borderline even before I started my lithium so you could have been in the same boat. Often the T4 and TSH ranges are too broad. It’s a pain to know it is more medication but honestly you will start to feel a positive difference almost straight away and if you don’t then definitely nag until they test again. A drug worth taking. It can take a while for the dosage to be tweaked to suit you too. It is such a small thing, the thyroid, but controls so much. Hope you feel better soon.

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  5. Sorry to hear the bad news. Hopefully things get worked out. I know the weight gain is a huge factor with a lot of the Bipolar meds (I gained 70 pounds) but hopefully with the new insight something can be done.

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  6. I can semi relate to this. I went through the almost exact thing last week. Went for med review and my blood pressure was extremely high. So they checked my thyroid. But unlike you mine was high
    They put me on yet another med. Funnnn.


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