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2014 at an end

Twenty Fourteen is almost over. It’s time to say goodbye to all the drama of the past year and embrace the new year.

I’ve never stuck to a New Years resolution and I end up never making one anyway. But this New Year, my resolution is to try and be more happier within myself. That’s it, done and dusted.

2014 was a rocky year for me. I left school. I was in and out of hospital, up and down to psychologists and psychiatrists. I was overdosing, cutting. Having major episodes and I was emotionally and mentally drained. There were a few good events here and there like getting my mole removed and going on lots of holidays with my family. 

But overall I am proud of myself for getting through the year and making the most out of the worst situations. I am so grateful for everyone in my life that has supported me throughout the year.

I pray that everyone embraces the New Years spirit and has a good night. 

My next post will be in 2015! God bless all.