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Inbetween tipsy & sober!

So, it’s 5am and my boyfriend are sitting by the dam. We have been here since 2am.

We’ve been drinking a bit of brandy and coke and a bit of OBS! 😛

It was such a fun idea to come out to our dam and just relax. Just the two of us. No one to bother us. We haven’t even looked at our phones until now. Just been in good deep conversation.

Scott is now taking a 10 minute nap while I update you guys! ha ha.

We’ve been sitting on our new camping chairs (they’re lovely, btw) and under our gazebo! It’s been one of the most relaxing times since Christmas! 

Our little darling Faith is with us and has gotten full of mud & wet sand from roaming around. And, whose lap does she want to sit on? Yes, that’s right. Mine. So now my lovely lilac pjs are covered in dirt. 

We are building a house that can sleep 8 people on our farm, with a jetty that goes out onto the dam! Cool hey!? I’m so excited for it to be finished. 

Anyway, I better wake Scott up so we can go and get in bed and have a few hours kip!

Another post coming up later in the day. 

Hope everyone has a lovely morning. Love, Ashley-Kaay, Scott & Faith 🌞


So, it’s the 2nd day of the new year & so far everything’s been going well. My nieces, sister & brother-in-law are on their way here for the weekend.

I thought I’d share some quotes to lift anyone that’s down in the dumps up! 

Enjoy the rest of your day & put smiles on all of your faces. Everyone is beautiful! 

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” 😊

2014 at an end

Twenty Fourteen is almost over. It’s time to say goodbye to all the drama of the past year and embrace the new year.

I’ve never stuck to a New Years resolution and I end up never making one anyway. But this New Year, my resolution is to try and be more happier within myself. That’s it, done and dusted.

2014 was a rocky year for me. I left school. I was in and out of hospital, up and down to psychologists and psychiatrists. I was overdosing, cutting. Having major episodes and I was emotionally and mentally drained. There were a few good events here and there like getting my mole removed and going on lots of holidays with my family. 

But overall I am proud of myself for getting through the year and making the most out of the worst situations. I am so grateful for everyone in my life that has supported me throughout the year.

I pray that everyone embraces the New Years spirit and has a good night. 

My next post will be in 2015! God bless all. 


All my life I have had a mole on my face, specifically on the right side of my face, next to my nose. 

It has always bothered me. My face was never symmetrical. I have been teased and bullied about it as long as I can remember.

I used to get called names such as “witch.” But the most common one was “moley.” Even my sister used to call me that on a daily basis. What got to me more than her saying it was the fact that no one in my family used to do anything about it. I don’t even think they cared. They used to laugh with her at me. 

I’ve always asked for it to be removed but I was always too young and it was still growing!

About 7 months ago, I got it REMOVED! 😬

These are some pictures of the best experience of my life and the best decision I’ve ever made:

^ me and my mum, before the op. As you can see I only took pictures of the left side of my face! 

^ just before surgery. Nervous but excited!

^ after surgery, even though I had stitches in and a patch on my face that drew more attraction than my mole did I was so happy. My first selfies in a long time ☺️

^ stitches out. It looks bad but wait for the other photos 😛

^ my boyfriend and I on holiday & my dad and I at the waterfront. The first times I had gotten out in a long time! So happy!

^ up to date photo. Scar is almost all gone! 

I live a happier life now and I don’t have to hide my face. I take selfies on a regular basis and I am proud of it!

Thank you for reading! ☺️