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So I decided to open up to one of my colleagues about my bipolar. She obviously knew that I have bipolar. But she was asking questions.

Questions that I would never normally answer to people that aren’t in my little personal bubble! 

I answer all her questions, and I felt exceptionally good & relieved. Quite proud to be honest.

But then she said “I don’t know how anyone can live with a bipolar, too much work” 

I was so angry, I left the office before I punched her in the face. 

I lashed her over whatsapp & she started saying loads of apologetic shit. Which I couldn’t give a damn about.

I work for my mother-in-law and her and my mum are like my best friends. So you can imagine how angry they were. 

My father-in-law tongue lashed her earlier in the day for being bitchy and telling them what to do. She’s not the owner my parents are. The fucking idiot.

So yeah, I went into work today with a big head on cause she’d been put in her place. 

But she’s a fucking bitch!

Sorry just needed to vent!

The weather & I ☔️

I absolutely despise the hot weather & the heat. I’ve been like this all my life.

I was born in England which was the perfect climate for me. I loved the weather but not the country!

I moved to Australia when I was young & it was hot & humid there. I couldn’t stand it at all! I would sweat profoundly which made me feel like a dirty pig!

When I was 11 I moved to South Africa. Which is even more humid & has higher temperatures than Australia.

People say you acclimatize but I never have. When it rains I wear summer clothes, I love it. I embrace the cold weather cause it’s like a bloody treat in this country.

Let me put it this way. I’d rather be cold & be able to cover up with blankies & warm clothes than to be boiling hot & can’t get enough clothes off. 

What do you prefer? Hot or cold weather? 

People don’t talk about weather a lot do they 😶 wonder why!?